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Joe Welsh is a Partner with CORE Restaurant Marketing Solutions which is a national restaurant marketing agency focusing on helping restaurants improve their sales and profitability. Joe has worked with restaurants on a local and national basis. He has developed and implemented programs for US Foodservice, Gordon Foods and Performance Food Group. Joe has his Master’s Degree in Food Marketing from St. Joseph’s University and over 30 years’ experience in the Food Industry covering both the retail and foodservice sectors.

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The Effect of Summer on Restaurant Sales

Does your restaurant get the Summertime Blues

If your restaurant is in a summer tourist destination area, this is your time to thrive. For most restaurants, it can also be a time to cry.

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Summer vacations can be a time of great fun for families but for many restaurants who are left behind it is time to tighten your belt and stay strong. Yes, the end of the school year a percentage of your customer bases leaves every week to go on vacation to the beach, the mountains or other tourist destinations. The summer also signals the time of backyard barbecues and family picnics. If you live in an area like me, August becomes the season of summer fairs and all of their food vendors. 

So how does your restaurant survive the summer? Are you on a day to day marketing plan or do you have that summer strategy to drive sales? Most customers I speak with do not have a plan. They just accept it will be slow. But what if you could change that......and not accept what has been. Where would you start your plan. Memorial day is right around the corner and signals the start of the season. What is your plan for June, July and August? How will you drive weekend traffic, let alone mid week business. How will you step up your game?

It starts with goals and a plan development. Listed below are just some of the tactics that many restaurants have used:

  • Increased targeted social media advertising or video marketing
  • Increased use of bounce back offers with current customers.
  • Promotion of summertime specials such as featured drinks or seafood
  • Community Involvement programs with teams, summer programs or cause related marketing
  • Cross promotions with other merchants in the area
  • Stepped up email marketing to communicate with your customer base

As I said, these are just some of the tactics many restaurants use. Each local business has their own point of difference to drive sales, what is yours?

How CORE Restaurant Marketing Can Help

At CORE Restaurant Marketing, we have helped many restaurants develop quarterly marketing plans to drive business throughout out the year. If you would like to speak with us about your situation, give us a call or send an email. Contact us at for more information.

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