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Joe Welsh is a Partner with CORE Restaurant Marketing Solutions which is a national restaurant marketing agency focusing on helping restaurants improve their sales and profitability. Joe has worked with restaurants on a local and national basis. He has developed and implemented programs for US Foodservice, Gordon Foods and Performance Food Group. Joe has his Master’s Degree in Food Marketing from St. Joseph’s University and over 30 years’ experience in the Food Industry covering both the retail and foodservice sectors.

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Does Email Marketing Work For Restaurants?

Is Email Marketing Dead?

During the holiday season, I get so many emails from everybody. Friends, retailers, charities and so much more are using email marketing to get me to visit their restaurant or website. They are all competing for the same dollars that a restaurant does. Unfortunately, I don't get many emails from restaurants. I am signed up for many newsletters so that is not the problem. It must have to do with getting the marketing done.

This time of year consumers do spend money. They may not like doing it, but they do. They are out shopping at the malls. They are dining out at restaurants or ordering takeout after shopping. They are near your restaurant! Are you speaking to them in a way they will listen? Most consumers always have their phone at hand. The latest data show that 66% of emails are read on mobile devices.

Many restaurants are moving towards WIFI marketing systems with automated email marketing. These kinds of systems are great tools for building your database. Most programs require the staff involvement to engage the

Email Marketing to Drive Sales Is Email Marketing in Your Marketing Plan

customer and tell them about the program.  Let's be honest, how effective is your staff at doing that? Most restaurant owners I speak with tell me that the internal team does not accomplish this at all and we have the data that proves that.  The problem is created in many ways by an unstable workforce and limited server training.  WIFI marketing systems take the employee out of the equation with technology. It also takes a marketing role in automated emails based on customer visit frequency. These programs are also able to measure email marketing ROI well beyond open rates and clicks.

Is email marketing cost-effective? It depends on the size of your database. If your database only has 500 names in it, you will see about 6% of that database visit during a month. For an average restaurant that translates into about of $1,000 in revenue per month. If your database has 2,000 names in it, the revenue number is closer to $4,000 per month. Email marketing is also effective in generating takeout orders, catering jobs and gift card sales. Using links back to your website for consumers to view your menu is a very effective strategy to get them even more engaged in your restaurant.

Customer traffic has been declining in restaurants so it is important that you use effective tools to get people in the door. It is also important to communicate with your customers on a regular basis to build visit frequency. You have many competitors trying to reach your customers in a variety of ways from email marketing, to social media and text messaging. Is your message reaching them so that the visit your store and spend money? Email marketing is an effective tool in a restaurant marketing plan to tie all of the elements together from social media links to website visits and takeout orders.

To learn more about effective restaurant marketing tools and get a FREE marketing analysis, please contact CORE Restaurant Marketing for a free marketing consultation at 888-890-9492 x 1 or visit our website at Core Restaurant Marketing.

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