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Joe Welsh is a Partner with CORE Restaurant Marketing Solutions which is a national restaurant marketing agency focusing on helping restaurants improve their sales and profitability. Joe has worked with restaurants on a local and national basis. He has developed and implemented programs for US Foodservice, Gordon Foods and Performance Food Group. Joe has his Master’s Degree in Food Marketing from St. Joseph’s University and over 30 years’ experience in the Food Industry covering both the retail and foodservice sectors.

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Are Restaurant Owners Overwhelmed

Meeting with restaurant owners the past two weeks, it became obvious what problems exist in their worlds. A changing industry that is technology driven, employee issues and labor shortages along with getting new and younger customers in the door.

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At the same time, productivity experts talk about how you have to lead your team and surround yourself with good people that are part of your team. Often these concepts do not bring relief to restaurant owners because of a do it yourself mentality and not wanting to do invest wisely in their business.

Let’s look at these issues to help guide restaurant owners to proper decisions. Many owners adopt the do it yourself strategy. They know they have people they can delegate to, but often the delegation is not the issue, business management is. Marketing is a game of consistency and reputation. Sporadic social media activities or occasional team training is not the answer that leads to long term success. Performing these activities with marketing strategy that aligns with business goals over the long term is the answer. Proven strategies deliver proven results.

Investing in your business is critical for growth. You have spent a lot of many to build your business. Not investing in the business expertise or software to take your business to the next level is a decision many restaurant owners make to cut cost. Does cutting cost help or hurt your business? Some cost cutting measures are necessary, some are not effective in growing the business. Are you making the right decisions? Often, for less than the cost of a part timer a restaurant can get the support of an industry expert who can guide them to future business growth and increase their business at a level much greater than the industry growth rate. In many cases this can be done with a simple evaluation of current spending levels for services, much of which are duplications. Having specific industry knowledge can bring a wealth of savings to restaurant owners.

As we approach the end of the year. I would recommend that restaurant owners take a fresh look at their business. Look at it from the customers eyes for opportunities to help improve your business.. Also take a good hard look at your current business practices for effectiveness and productivity. This two step approach will set a path that will take your business forward for the next three years. It all starts with you. Admit it, you know you don’t have the time. Engage with experts who can do the heavy lifting for a minor cost with a significant ROI for the next few years. It will be your smartest decision of the new year.

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